Z Group Studio is the place where we brain storm, create logos, scripts, story boards, compose, edit, paint and experiment with different media, styles and color combinations.

Z specializes in custom graphic and web design, TV commercials, motion graphics and contemporary art. Our focus is to express the unique qualities of your business or products in a way that will grasp the attention amongst the visual noise viewers experience every day.

We believe in keeping our work clean, simple and easy to follow.

Reginald Harris
Principal / Client Relations

Studio relations and client development is handled by Reginald Harris, who understands that successful communication between a client and their customer is founded on strong communication practices within the project team. For him, every conversation is an opportunity to listen, learn and understand the needs of every Z client.

Antonia Harris
Founder / Creative Director

Zgroup Studio is led under the creative direction of Antonia Harris who founded the studio in 2006. Antonia brings the creative direction and taste to the studio. Trained in fine art and self-taught in design, her approach is unbridled and unique.


Nicole Harris

Associate Creative Director 

Nicole Harris young and energetic. Possessing an out of the box approach, she adds a spark to the studio. With a unique artistic flair combined with an eye for detail makes Nicole a great asset to the studio.